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Spring Equinox

Radical Self Nourishment
Retreat & Ceremony

with Deborah Brodey

Saturday March 20, 2021

10:00 am– 5:00 pm  Eastern

This retreat is designed for changemakers, healers, leaders, Creatives who are longing to care for themselves and connect with Spirit and the Earth in community.

Spring Equinox brings a powerful new cycle for cleansing, rebirth and renewal as we experience the balance between the days and nights. It is the midpoint between the winter and summer. It is a portal time where the veils are thin and we have easier access to the other dimensions and to access more of who we are.

All around the world ancient cultures have always honoured the earth cycles of the seasons with ceremony. The more connected we are in aligning with the cycles, the more in tune we are with Nature, with life and ourselves. Ceremony can help us connect with the Mystery, The Earth and the elements. It is one of the powerful ways to feed all levels of our being and practice Radical Self Nourishment.

It is a powerful time to cleanse and prepare our grounds for planting.
Where do we need cleansing? What new seeds do we want to plant for the coming season? How can we find balance, support and nourish ourselves in this very intense chaotic, and uncertain time of change?

In this time of equal nights and days, we are being asked by Nature to find our balance and restore equilibrium within us so we may find balance in our outer world.

Join me for a special daylong Retreat and Ceremony where we will take a sacred pause to align, cleanse, nourish and prepare our inner gardens for the new cycle.

In this Retreat you will

Be held in a deep safe sacred space to align with the energies of Spring Equinox, the Earth & the cycles of Nature.

Explore powerful ceremonial practices to deeply nurture and connect with your Self.

Experiment with the healing power of sound and the resource of your own voice.

Relax, renew, regenerate and experience Radical Self Nourishment

Explore cleansing practices to let go of any stagnant energies, habits/patterns that are ready to be released.

Attune your mind/body/Spirit with Nature.

Access your wisdom through your creativity

Experience the power of healing, sharing and building community in a Sacred Circle

Cultivate more joy, magic and playfulness

A bit about me:

As a Transformation Guide/Sound healer/yoga teacher for over 21 years, one of my great passions in life is to co-create ceremonies that honour the Earth and the cycles of Nature. I have experienced more personal healing and life changing transformations through the power of ceremony. I have been blessed to study with healers/yogis, Indigenous medicine men/ from all over the world and I believe it is through ceremony we can truly come into right relationship and reciprocity with ourselves, each other, and all of Nature to heal our planet and our world.

Here is what people are saying

“Deborah has an amazing ability to weave together threads from many spiritual lineages and infuse it with her own unique presence and insights. I love how she has distilled years of spiritual practice into her unique process. It is simple, yet profound and allows others to go very deep with grace and ease. In her ceremonies, she offers a co-creative experience that honours the blend of energies in the group. Her ability to hold space in such a solid and embracing way allows participants to safely explore tender places and yet spacious enough to allow spontaneity to freely flow. I always receive new insights when I journey with Deborah. Her depth, wisdom, humbleness and humour make her a warm-hearted and highly skilled guide. She has such an abundance of riches to share. May many more receive the benefits of her offerings and right relationship with our beloved planet and all who dwell here be restored”

Catherine Malone

Soul Essence Interdimensional Healer & Consultant

“Radical Self Nourishment reminded me of what a sacred space we all hold and how powerful our energy can be, especially with the use of sound. Deborah’s Intro to Radical Self Nourishment workshop in Cusco, Peru was magical, invigorating, and inspiring, and the space created felt completely safe, comfortable and supportive. If you are searching for yourself, new tools to add to your tool kit, or just wanting for nourishing your spirit I would highly recommend this work. Thank you for reminding me of my own power and sacredness, Deborah! “


“Before I joined RSN during covid I was focusing on problems and on other people and was neglecting myself. Through Deborah’s Radical Self Nourishment Program I released my stress reaction to the crisis and have increased my serenity and capacity to care for my health and well being. RSN was deeply nourishing and kept me accountable for my self care. The ceremonial format both enriched my Spiritual experience and helped me take doable actions to practice self care every day! Deborah brings an openness, a reflective space, magic, compassion and deep understanding to others and I felt blessed to receive her gifts.”

Maria Mar

Story teller/Artist/Shaman

Here is a brief outline:

10:00 12:00

Build Sacred container, set intentions, Sound journey to receive the gifts of the dark, Creative integrative practice.

12-1:00 – Lunch

1:00 – 2:00

Medicine walk or medicine dance or movement practice. (You will be given instructions and will do this offline.)

2:00 – 3:15

Sharing circle. Sounding Practice.

3:15 – 3:30 break

3:30 – 5:00

Spring Equinox Seed Planting Ceremony.  

Your Investment

$147 regular fee

Early Bird Fee $97
sign up by March 18, 2021

*E-transfer option available for Canadian customers.
(Please send e-transfer to deborahbrodey at gmail dot com )