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Nourished Hearts Change the World

Radical Self Nourishment


Online Program

for Healers & Changemakers

with Deborah Brodey


Wednesdays, March 13 – May 1, 2024

 Online at 2:00 – 4:00pm (Eastern)

Radical Self Nourishment is the access to reclaiming your energy so you have the resources you need to give from your overflow. You will increase and build your intuitive knowing so when you work with others your capacity to hold space, heal and transform deepens and expands.

Are you ready to nourish yourself the way you nourish others? 

In Radical Self Nourishment you will:


  • Say yes to yourself and stop feeling guilty, so when you say no to others, it empowers you and allows you to create a deep space of healing for others.
  • Stop leaking your energy and reclaim and refocus it for yourself.
  • Open up hidden spaces within you to unleash your creativity that is longing to be expressed.
  • Increase and build your intuitive knowing so you feel confident and trust yourself when you are with clients, family, and community.
  • Expand your capacity to receive and absorb the resources you need so you can give from an overflow of energy instead of over-giving and depleting yourself. 

The benefits of Radical Self Nourishment are designed to empower you to:

Feel Your Power and embody the powerful person you are so you can see the ripples of change you make.

Reclaim your energy so you are like a flowing fountain.

Tap into your vocal power as a resource

Have more compassion and love for yourself

Have more clarity and focus to deepen your Self awareness and expand your ability to be deeply present for others.

Breakthrough old patterns & belief systems

Claim Your Worthiness to Receive

Blossom in your confidence and inner knowing

Cultivate more joy, magic and playfulness

Increased levels of vitality and radiant health

Share in community in a virtual sacred circle where all voices are honoured

Unleash your creativity

The World Needs You Now

I would love to invite you to my upcoming Radical Self Nourishment Program designed for Healers and Changemakers – a perfect answer for these times. There is no better time than now to turn within to reflect, pause, and listen to what is being asked of us.

It’s time to claim you!

A bit about my story:

I know what it is like to have done a lot of work on myself and be in the grip of old patterns I thought I cleared.

Since my early 20’s, I have journeyed all over the world, done vision quests, studied & trained with masters and it has been a process to heal those parts of myself that were so harsh and self-critical over many years. 

I slowly became aware of all the ways I betrayed myself because, I was unable to love myself and I was abandoning me. It took me a while to realize the level of betrayal and how it was affecting so many areas of my life.

One of my breakthroughs came when I committed to living in right relationship to myself in the middle of a desert in Joshua Tree where my heart was cracked open!!

It eventually led me to create the Radical Self Nourishment Program in 2012, as I knew that I was not alone in suffering from this core wound.

My most profound healings, transmutations and realizations have come from my relationship with the Earth. It has been a beautiful, astonishingly powerful and magical journey.  As a yoga teacher, vocal sound healer, ceremonial artist & Spiritual guide,

I am passionate about assisting you to embody radical self nourishment and honour your Self so you can unleash your power, potential and creativity in your life and in your healing and make a massive difference in your change making work especially at this critical moment. It is your time to step up and share your gifts as a leader and your Self Care is essential!

Have you ever experienced issues of self betrayal? Sometimes we don’t recognize the symptoms. Can you relate to any of these on the list?

  • Struggling with your own self nourishment and care.
  • Exhausted & fatigued, and depleted.
  • Giving your energy away.
  • Have no time for yourself, put everyone else first.
  • Difficulty maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Overwhelm & Stress
  • Have more compassion for others than your self.
  • Strong inner critic and self sabotage.
  • Perfectionistic
  • Issues of unworthiness around receiving and feeling valued.
  • Self doubt and lack of confidence.
  • Blocked creativity and self expression.
  • Not trusting yourself.
  • Hiding & Fear of shining and hiding your gifts.
  • Fear of your own power.
  • Relationship issues.
  • Isolating yourself..
  • Feel like an imposter or inauthentic.
  • Not allowing yourself to have fun or take a break.

You are not alone.

One of my mentors Mandaza Kandemwa from Zimbabwe often says: Healers need healing!! He even says: “I need healing” and he is a Master. 

What if you could truly honour your Self and care for you from a place of wholeness?

Radical Self Nourishment could be the key to unlock your greatest potential and capacity as a healer/ changemaker to be of profound service during this extraordinary time of change and to living a fulfilling life.

How the program works:

Over 8 sessions, we will draw on a Universal teaching from ancient Yoga Philosophy outlining 5 attitudes that we need to embody to support us along our path to wholeness. These principles will be our framework to explore and dive deep into Radical Self Nourishment. 

We will lovingly co-create a powerful sacred container.

What others are saying:

“The 7 Week RSN program was a wonderful container for self awareness, discovery and inquiry and it has served to ground me in these times of great turmoil in the world. One of my biggest takeaways was how powerful it has been to incorporate sound and mantras into my everyday practice!”

Libbie Oag


“In her Radical Self Nourishment program, Deborah offers an excellent space for you to dive into your own spiritual practice and self-nourishment. Each session is its own ceremony, unraveling uniquely. Deborah was committed towards supporting my nourishment and evolution, both individually and as part of a group. Deborah enhanced each session with meditations, sound journeys, chants, as well as teachings which were grounded in ancient vedic wisdom. This program offers techniques and practices for cleansing, cultivating joy, developing a unique practice catered to your own needs, and tools for accessing deeper self awareness.

I entered this course with an open heart, and had the opportunity to first work through releasing some difficult and limiting beliefs. After working through my own challenges, I found a lot of strength and support in the various practices that Deborah offered. In particular, I enjoyed her cleansing sound journey, and the healing power of vedic chanting.

When you enroll, expect to dive deeply into examining and understanding what practices will serve you best on your path in this life. A supportive group, and a great space to share, you will witness your own evolution over the course of these seven weeks.”


“As I integrate Deborah’s recent 7-week Radical Self Nourishment program, I’m really appreciating so much about the program. The 5 yogic concepts of what it means to take care of myself in a coherent way was perfect to learn about and lean into as I continue to heal and process grief from some big losses in my life. Deborah’s inviting presence and embodied wisdom was incredibly inspiring and healing, and I’ll be using what I learned and experienced in an active way going forward (vs. filing RSN away as just another teaching). Thank you Deborah!”

A. Evans

“Before I joined RSN during covid I was focusing on problems and on other people and was neglecting myself. Through the 7 Week Program I released my stress reaction to the crisis and have increased my serenity and capacity to care for my health and well being. RSN was deeply nourishing and kept me accountable for my self care. The ceremonial format both enriched my Spiritual experience and helped me take doable actions to practice self care every day! It opened up a weekly space for me to relax and receive soothing and self-replenishing practices that I can do whenever I need them. Deborah brings an openness, a reflective space, magic, compassion and deep understanding to others and I felt blessed to receive her gifts”.

Maria Mar

Artist-Storyteller - Shaman

“I am so grateful to Deborah for guiding us through 7 weeks of incredible nourishment and insight –it is like pulling back the veil one layer at a time and finding hidden treasures along the way!”

Peig Abbott


Here is a brief outline:

Session 1: Orientation & Overview

Establishing the container and an overview of the 5 Attitudes with some beginning practices will be covered.

Session 2: Cleansing: Inside & Out.

This session will cover a wide range of practices and timeless teachings on cleansing practice that are relevant for these times as a foundation for Radical Self Nourishment including sonic cleansing techniques.

Session 3: Cultivating Contentment.

In this session we will discover what’s in the way of you experiencing contentment and develop processes and practices to clear out these obstacles while nourishing and activating joy, contentment, gratitude and self-love.

Session 4: Tapas – The Alchemy of Practice.

Explore powerful practices that you will want to do to nourish all dimensions of your human system: body, breath, mind, deeper personality, emotions, and Spirit

Session 5:– Seeing ourselves Clearly.

In this session we will use various practices as a mirror to see ourselves. You will be given a powerful practice for your homework where you will guided in a journeying process to receive messages from nature!

Session 6 – The Art of Surrender.

In this session we will explore and cultivate our relationship with surrender and letting go. We will also look at how this internal process and attitude can impact our actions in our lives and the world, and how it is a vital component of “right action”. 

Session 7 – Integration.

In this session we will integrate all that has been learned, digested, integrated and embodied by co-creating a commitment ceremony for right relationship with ourselves, others and the earth.

Session 8 – Embodiment & Sustainability Q & A.

In our final session we will have a Q & A on embodying Radical Self Nourishment and how we can sustain our practice.

Here is what happens when you register

You will receive a welcome email with all of the details about our calls, our course page and the zoom links for our calls and instructions. You will be also be invited to join our private facebook group where we can share our experiences, support one another and cheer each other on as we build our community.

We will meet every Wednesday virtually from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are from 2:00 – 4:00pm Eastern. You will never have to miss a session as all sessions will be recorded.

Every session you will receive a powerful practice to support your Radical Self Nourishment.

It would be a great honour to walk with you and support you on your journey to even greater levels of radical self nourishment if it is calling you.

What others are saying:

“Deborah Brodey, you are phenomenal! I love all the transformative magic & alchemy of your Radical Self Nourishment series. Who knew empowerment, leadership development could be so gentle and fun. It’s one of my favourite practices for self-care – it’s one of the easiest, gentlest and fun ways for my mind to de-stress and recharge. Essential for my healing practice! And just being in Deborah Brodey’s presence is uplifting in itself”.

Noreia Sacoor

Remote Healer & Intuitive Business Advisor

“Deborah has a gift with creating magical, sacred space for deep work to happen. Through the Radical Self Nourishment Program, my husband and I deepened our connection to ourselves, one another, and the world around us. It was invaluable and I am forever grateful for her commitment and compassion to make these practices so accessible”.

Melanie Bessa Ollenberg

Reiki Master/ Co-Founder of Inner Arts Collective

“Before taking the Radical Self Nourishment Program I was struggling with finding the time and the “right” to be with myself in a meaningful way. Through the program I acquired practices, ideas and tools that have increased my capacity for self care and appreciation…radical self nourishment!”

Fanche E.

Public Health Nurse

“Participating in Radical Self Nourishment Ecourse was a beautiful opportunity to deepen my understanding of the Yogic attitudes (Niyamas) in an embodied and integrated way. Deborah has a unique way of connecting ancient yoga philosophy with nourishing Shamanic rituals bringing sacred awareness to the practice of Self care”.

Amy Nassar

holistic doula-birth & postpartum

“My experience with the RSN course was that it gave me permission to tap into my feelings and my sense of play. I was reminded that nourishing my Self is my sacred responsibility and that I am worth great nourishment. I was unaware that I was blocking true contentment and good will in my life…. I felt supported and reminded that I am making a commitment to myself. I also benefitted from receiving insights about my own inner world reminding me that I am truly a joyful being with lots to share. I learned that consistence is the key to nourishing my life and following a template that supports my daily reconnection to my heart. Deborah radiates and embodies a deeply compassionate and kind heart. Her presence is loving and welcoming. She listens and reflects teachings that support an individual’s need and weaves it into the group’s field of good will and love of others. I also enjoyed hearing other participants’ insights and progress along our shared journey. I liked how our stories and “ah ha” moments weaved together a common thread.”

N. Benoist

Deborah’s work is one of the main reason that I am so happy and succesful. Her extraordinary teachings and gifts are at the heart of much of my self care. Deborah is a wise and experienced sound healer, teacher & ceremonialist who has a powerfully vast spiritual life. I could talk to her forever. She is truly a sister on my path.”


Jeannine Goode - Allen - Doctor of the Soul

Your Investment

If you were in the 5 Day challenge or if you attended the webinar you get the early bird pricing!

Bonuses include:

Yoga Nidra practice audio

7 Sound Journey’s one for each week.

There is space for 20 participants so we can journey deeply together!

 Here is my Money Back Guarantee: If you are not 100% Satisfied within 14 days of the program, I will refund your payment in full.