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Radical Self Nourishment

Are you ready to nourish yourself the way you nourish others?


Hi my name is Deborah Brodey and I would love to invite you to an online free event designed especially for you who are Healers and Changemakers.

Can you relate to any of these statements?

Do you ever:

  • Struggle with your self care, put yourself last and feel guilty at the thought of putting yourself first?
  • Give your energy away and feel drained and exhausted as you nourish family, friends, and clients?
  • Have a hard time saying no and asserting boundaries?
  • Feel insecure & doubt yourself, or feel like an imposter in your healing and changemaking work?
  • Find it much easier to give to others than to receive?
  • Hide your gifts because you don’t feel safe to shine?

What if you could truly honour your Self and care for you from a place of wholeness?

The benefits of this 5 day challenge are designed to empower you to:

    Reclaim your energy

    Feel your power

    Have more clarity and focus

    Claim your worthiness to receive

    Build self confidence

    Unleash your creativity

    If any of this resonates with you, I would love for you to join me in this 5 day adventure,
    absolutely free.

    In this challenge we will be held in a sacred safe container, which we will co-create together. Over 5 days I will be offering a short experiential 30 min practice via an online Zoom call. All calls will be recorded so you can practice at your own time.
    We will experience:
    Day 1Reclaim your energy.
    Day 2Define your boundaries.
    Day 3Weave a strong personal space.
    Day 4Become a powerful receiver.
    Day 5Nourish your Self radically!

      Here is what people are
      saying about RSN:


      Radical Self Nourishment is one of the most potent & gentle healing practices that allows one to feel grounded, clear, inner peace, quiet mind, and genuine love & connection for self and others.

      The workshops fulfilled my longing to learn, witness and share authentic connections. I am deeply honoured to have had the opportunity to experience Deborah’s gifts, experience, Presence, and authenticity.

      Noreia Sacoor 
      Remote Healer & Intuitive Business Advisor


      Before taking the Radical Self Nourishment Program I was struggling with finding the time and the “right” to be with myself in a meaningful way. Through the program I acquired practices, ideas and tools that have increased my capacity for self care and appreciation…radical self nourishment!

      Fanche Ehman
      Public Health Nurse


      Deborah has a gift with creating magical, sacred space for deep work to happen. Through the Radical Self Nourishment Program, my husband and I deepened our connection to ourselves, one another, and the world around us. It was invaluable and I am forever grateful for her commitment and compassion to make these practices so accessible.

      Melanie Bessa Ollenberg
      Reiki Master/ Co-Founder of Inner Arts Collective.

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