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The more you care for your Self, the greater your capacity to hold deep healing space for others.

  • Reclaim your energy.
  • Feel Your Power
  • Reclaim Your Worthiness to receive
  • Unleash your creativity

5 Day Radical Self Nourishment Challenge
with Deborah Brodey

March 6- March 10, 2023 1:00 pm Eastern

A free online event

Are you ready to nourish yourself the way you nourish others?


Hi my name is Deborah Brodey and I would love to invite you to an online free event.

During this 5 Day Challenge you will:


  • Say yes to yourself and stop feeling guilty, so when you say no to others, it empowers you and allows you to create a deep space of healing for others.

  • Stop leaking your energy and reclaim and refocus it for yourself.

  • Open up hidden spaces within you to unleash your creativity that is longing to be expressed.

  • Increase and build your intuitive knowing so you feel confident and trust yourself when you are with clients, family, and community.

  • Expand your capacity to receive the resources you need so you can give from an overflow of energy instead of over-giving and depleting yourself.


The benefits of this 5 day Challenge are designed to empower you to:

    Reclaim your energy so you are like a flowing fountain.

    Feel Your Power and embody the powerful person you are so you can see the ripples of change you make.

    Have more clarity and focus to deepen your Self awareness and expand your ability to be deeply present for others.

    Claim your worthiness to receive

    Deepen Your Inner Knowing and build your confidence.

    Unleash your creativity

    If any of this resonates with you, I would love for you to join me in this 5 day adventure,
    absolutely free.

    In this challenge we will be held in a sacred safe container, which we will co-create together. Over 5 days I will be offering a short experiential 30 min practice via an online Zoom call with an option to share after for 15 minutes. All calls will be recorded so you can practice at your own time.
    We will experience:
    Day 1Reclaim your energy.
    Day 2Define your boundaries.
    Day 3Weave a strong personal space.
    Day 4Become a powerful receiver.
    Day 5Nourish your Self radically!

      Here is what people are
      saying about Radical Self Nourishment:


      At the beginning of March when Covid's contagion burst in New York, I went hiwire. There was so much need that I overworked and got sick not one, but three times. And then I took the Radical Self Nourishment 5-day Challenge. And it changed the way I was responding to this crisis. I am so grateful to Deborah Brodey for this experience because it reminded me that the source of all I give, do and serve is my own energy, health and centeredness. It reminded me that a little goes a long way and that a simple action a day can bring serenity and peace to me and therefore to all those who are in contact with me. Since then I took her RSN Program and I still use the altar, symbols and practices I learned from her to return my heart to joy, my body to vibrancy and my mind to serenity. RSN restored my being, preventing me from getting lost in the doing and busyness that leads to autoimmune diseases, stress-related conditions and a life where we lose track of what matters. It opened a path for me to transform this crisis into a chrysalis for my personal and professional growth.

      Maria Mar
      Artist/ Storyteller/Shaman


      Deborah’s 5 Day Challenge is transformational! It is the truest form of an invitation to be guided toward a greater understanding and love of self. Deborah’s graceful guidance takes you on a journey into a depth of being you never knew you had.

      Peig Abbott


      Deborah Brodey's Radical Self Nourishment 5-day challenge was an amazing experience! She brings a depth of knowledge, internal wisdom, an open heart to facilitate a workshop that allows one to dig deep into self-care and self-love, the ingredients of true self-nourishment. My life has been uplifted with Deborah's work.

      Carla Marie Toth
      Licensed Acupuncturist


      Radical Self Nourishment is one of the most potent & gentle healing practices that allows one to feel grounded, clear, inner peace, quiet mind, and genuine love & connection for self and others.

      The workshops fulfilled my longing to learn, witness and share authentic connections. I am deeply honoured to have had the opportunity to experience Deborah’s gifts, experience, Presence, and authenticity.

      Noreia Sacoor 
      Remote Healer & Intuitive Business Advisor


      Before taking the Radical Self Nourishment Program I was struggling with finding the time and the “right” to be with myself in a meaningful way. Through the program I acquired practices, ideas and tools that have increased my capacity for self care and appreciation…radical self nourishment!

      Fanche Ehman
      Public Health Nurse


      Deborah has a gift with creating magical, sacred space for deep work to happen. Through the Radical Self Nourishment Program, my husband and I deepened our connection to ourselves, one another, and the world around us. It was invaluable and I am forever grateful for her commitment and compassion to make these practices so accessible.

      Melanie Bessa Ollenberg
      Reiki Master/ Co-Founder of Inner Arts Collective.

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